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Microgreens and More

Microgreens & More

Microgreens are harvested when their first true leaves appear, and combined in ways meant to tempt the eye as well as the palate. Microgreens are used as a garnish, in salads, on sandwiches, in spring rolls, and in countless other ways. Sunshine Cove Farm offers a broad range of microgreen mixes, along with individual micro varieties and “signature combinations” for the discerning chef. We are currently growing around forty varieties of microgreens!

Sunshine Cove Farm sells microgreens to the best restaurants in the High Country, Asheville, and surrounding areas of North Carolina through New Appalachia. Call Caleb Crowell at (828) 773-1588 to find out all that they have to offer. 

Sunshine Cove Farm also sells directly to a few local customers with standing weekly orders – thank you Vidalia, Joy Bistro, Red Onion, and Proper – and we have a loyal following of local individuals and families that get our products at the Watauga County Farmers’ Market and Be Natural, and sometimes through the High Country CSA.

If you live elsewhere in North Carolina or neighboring states, you can still enjoy our products… We ship overnight in carefully packed, insulated boxes, and we package our product in high quality clear containers that are recyclable. Your order will be processed with such attention to detail that your microgreens will easily keep for up to two weeks when properly stored. Just give us a call to discuss shipping options, which can be very affordable within North Carolina and neighboring states. In fact, we Ship for Free to many restaurant customers, with a minimum order of 8 containers.

Sunshine Cove Farm also provides the highest quality Shoots for the fine dining market.

If you would like to order microgreens or shoots from Sunshine Cove Farm, please contact us to explore the possibilities (see Contact page). Be sure to visit our Products and Prices page for a detailed list of what we have to offer, including photos, along with a comprehensive downloadable price list in PDF format. We take orders by phone or email. We love standing weekly or bi-weekly orders!